Sound Therapy

Come, Experience a whole new world of healing.  Let the sounds guide you to your inner doctor.

‘I felt so relaxed. For the first time my head feels fine to me. I feel at peace. I believe I can sleep peacefully today, after so many years.’~ ~ Mrs. Tambvekar (59),retired professional, after the very first session, having been a chronic patient of migraine.

Benefits of Sound Healing with Singing Bowls.
  1. Quick relief from Headache, Migraine, fatigue, Insomnia, Hypertension, Digestive disorders , Joint or muscle pain etc.
  2. Stress reduction through deep relaxation & endorphin release
  3. Learning enhancement through synchronization of Left & Right Brain
  4. Enhances performance in sports, arts, and learning & memory abilities
  5. Increased Self Confidence & Creativity 
  6. Promotes elimination of toxins & Self healing mechanism in the body. 
  7. Liberates Emotional Traumas locked within the subconscious
  8. Detoxification down to the Cellular & Bone Deep level
  9. Deepening Meditative State 
  10. Brings balance & harmony in each facet of our lives: Health, Relationships, Prosperity , Peace & Spirituality. 
Experience is the best teacher, so do experience for yourself this wonderful world of sound!
We offer
1.  Once in a month, group healing sessions.
2. Individual sessions.
All sessions require prior appointment.
To book an appointment, send in an email to

Dr. Rashmi Menon
~Homoeopathic Physician
~Transformational guide
Associate Nithya Shanti Foundation.

Other healing modalities:
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Regression therapy
Counseling, cognitive perception shifts
Emotional Healing (EFT)
Access Consciousness bars
Guided Meditations


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