Trimshati-the thirty. --about

Trimshati, in Sanskrit, means thirty.  
What a lovely name for our 30-day course!

As many of you are aware, we have this once-a-week remote healing and meditation guidance initiative for those who have shown interest.

Also, we have successfully, and with great results, completed two batches of the 70-day email based course on love, especially designed to inculcate self-love exclusively for our female participants. The amazing feedback has encouraged me to put out this email-based 30-day program for self-healing.

A few lines about the program:

I have been working with many of you. As you know, it would be difficult to coach everyone individually every day, but the recent experiences of working as a group gave me the idea of creating an email based course for a group.  That way it would be like coaching--with reminders of what to be done each day! And the 70-day programs just proved that it is indeed effective.
This 30-day course is aimed at using affirmations and switch-words, simple exercises and meditations to heal any emotional blockages that hinder self-growth.

What are the aspects of growth?
1. Self-love.
2. Acceptance of all emotions--good or bad
3. Stabilizing and balancing emotions in any circumstance.
4. General feeling of well-being and compassion.
5. Any other way that is calming and progressive for you.

Who can use this?
1. Those who are struggling with self acceptance and self love.
2. Who have one identifiable emotional blockage that they are aware of.
3. Those who are struggling with balancing emotions--high or low.
4. Recent break-ups, losses, fear or insecurities, etc.

***Please see the "how to join the course" section for details on the selection process.

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1.  This is not a certificate course.  It is for your personal healing purpose only.  This does not make you a healer or give you authority to practice healing on others.
2. As there is basic selection in the batches, the exercises and advice will be relevant to you only.  Please do not pass it on to others as without the proper feedback and guidance, the course will be either ineffective or worse, cause more issues.
3. Noncompliance with feedback will lead to expulsion from the course.
4. Nothing contained in the course/site is intended to create a physician-patient relationship, to replace the services of a licensed, trained physician or health professional or to be a substitute for medical advice of a physician or trained health professional licensed in your state/area.
5. This course is tailored to maintain and sustain the ups and down of an already healthy state of mind.  Any altered, deviated states need to be treated with one-on-one counseling with a counselor or therapist.


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