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The Many Advantages of Bach Flower Remedies

 Bach Flower Remedies are powerful yet gentle healing tools that can catalyse the resolution of deep emotional imbal­ances, as can homeopathy.
Bach Flower Essence Therapy was developed in the 1920s and 30s by British researcher and physician, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936).  Bach eventually turned from the allopathic medicine of his day to that of homeopathy.  It was his understanding that the treatment of symptoms was not adequate to heal disease; rather, one needed to get to the root cause to truly restore health.  He increasingly observed the psychic components in physical illnesses, and understood that these related to certain personality types and specific negative reaction patterns.  Bach decided to concentrate fully on studying the different personality types or soul qualities and finding the corresponding healing plants.  Together with his assistant, Nora Weeks, he discovered and prepared the thirty-eight Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy.  

Hence Bach flower remedies are focused on the emotional states.   The human soul contains all thirty-eight soul qualities of the corresponding Bach Flowers. 

The Bach Flower Remedies are included among the subtle methods of healing, similar to the classical homeopathy of Samuel Hahnemann, in that they do not act at the level of the physical body, but at the more subtle etheric levels that directly influence the human energy system.  There are numerous advantages of using Bach Flower Remedies over many other therapeutic methods: 

v     Their methods of production are simple and natural. 

v     Taking them is easy:  Once a remedy is selected, it may be taken in more than one way.  The usual method of taking the remedies is orally, either in a drink or on the pills.  It can also be used directly on skin, from a bath, compress, or cream.  Such versatility of administration ensures that the remedies may be used in all situations regardless of age or capability. 

v     They produce no side effects:  Bach Flower Essences work as subtle, nonmaterial impulses.  They stimulate our emotional and mental self-healing forces.  Thus the flower remedies can be used safely by everyone—babies, children, adults including pregnant women, animals, and plants. 

v     They are compatible with all other forms of therapy:  The Bach Flower Remedies will act harmoniously with any other form of therapy, particularly holistic therapies.

v     They often augment other therapies:  The actions of high homeopathic potencies are intensified and psychotropic drugs are usually gradually discontinued, at the individual’s own request, when flower remedies are given in conjunction.  Psychotherapy may be accelerated and the treatment of psychosomatic conditions can be greatly shortened with flower therapy.  In the treatment of chronic conditions, the addition of flower remedies have often brought about a crucial positive turn of events. 

v     They help us to avoid physical illness: The flower remedies then work directly with the body’s energy system to restore equilibrium.  In this way, physical illness may be avoided as the remedies are able to aid in healing on an energy level before physical signs and symptoms develop. 
The Bach Flowers are pure, harmonious energy frequencies that will never have negative effects; however, symptoms may be temporarily intensified following the initiation of Bach Flower Therapy in a response similar to that known in homoeopathy as aggravation.  This means that the individual may feel worse for a short time as toxins are released during a clearing process often referred to as a healing crisis.  Such a clearing process is a positive indication that equilibrium is being restored.

In order for health to exist, there must be perfect harmony between body, mind, and spirit.
At The Ray of Happiness, the Bach flowers are used to bring about immediate changes in that emotional sphere, while working within using either homoeopathy or drug-less mind and energy therapies.  Thus we are able to completely avoid psychiatric and mind-altering heavy drugs, even as firstaid in deviated mind states.

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