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Sneharha, in Sanskrit, means lovable.  
Just as lovable as our 70-day course!

Love is a much misunderstood term in today's times.  As the lifestyles change, so do the meaning of relationships. Finding a right partner has always been a tough one, much more so today.  Maintaining a relationship, with all of the information overload, seems just as daunting. We hear a lot about love, we read a lot.  Some of us go through intensive coaching sessions, through workshops upon workshops, through hours of self healing.  Though the results may have been profound, they seem to answer just that issue with which we approached these methods.  Each step of this journey called life, we have more questions arising.  Sometimes we find that we may have all the necessary knowledge but we forget.  Besides going to therapists, workshops or even taking hours out of our day for self work, does not seem practical every single time.

How wonderful would it be if we had a particular reminder to self love and compassion?  A schedule that would be easy to fit in into our busy lives, ready made for us.  What if all this comes with the benefit of group intention and the amazing vibes and the knowing that we are not alone in this journey.  Yet we get to do our work in our private space! How very amazing would that be!

Sneharha promises to be just all that!  This is an unique 70-day program for all aspects of love, under email guidance.  The first and second editions were open to only a few of my female friends and wellwishers.

I am happy to open up this program up for all who would like to benefit from it. All who desire to go on a journey of self healing and awaken to love and compassion.

A few lines about the program:

I have been working with many on the matters of the heart. Yet it would be difficult to coach everyone individually every day, but a recent experience of working as a group gave me the idea of creating a program for a group.  That way it would be like coaching--with reminders of what to be done each day!  I came across something on the internet about using affirmations to attract life-partner in a similar way. My experience has been that deviations from the state of compassion and self love are what create hurdles in finding a romantic partner and/or in an existing relationship. Hence I have modified it to include switchwords, and other exercises such that this program is focused on grounding in compassion, self love and acceptance.  Hence this course can be used not just for being open to the soulmate, and to be open to the completeness in the relationship one might already be in, but also to heal all aspects of deviation from love and acceptance in ALL kinds of relationships. Thus it works not only to beget an ideal romantic relationship, or put in the romance in an existing one, but also to have ease in all relationships--be it parents, spouse, children, social or even professional relationships.

What are the aspects of Love?
Though many may use this 70-day program or course intending to attract a love into life, it would be good to look at all the aspects that can be covered here.
What are the aspects of love?
1. Self-love.
2. Attracting a life partner.
3. Maintaining love in a current relationship.
4. General feeling of love, well-being and compassion.
5. Any other way that is a calming and progressive meaning of the word love for you.

Who can use this?
1. Those who are struggling with self acceptance and self love.
2. Who want a partner in their lives--a soul-mate, long term relationship.
3. Those who are struggling within their marriage---feel the love is lost, find acceptance of partner difficult etc.
4. Recent break-ups, divorce, fear or insecurities in relationships, etc.

***Please see the "how to join the course" section for details on the selection process.

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1.  This is not a certificate course.  It is for your personal healing purpose only.  This does not make you a healer or give you authority to practice healing on others.
2. As there is basic selection in the batches, the exercises and advice will be relevant to you only.  Please do not pass it on to others as without the proper feedback and guidance, the course will be either ineffective or worse, cause more issues.
3. Noncompliance with feedback will lead to expulsion from the course.
4. Nothing contained in the course/site is intended to create a physician-patient relationship, to replace the services of a licensed, trained physician or health professional or to be a substitute for medical advice of a physician or trained health professional licensed in your state/area.
5. This course is tailored to maintain and sustain the ups and down of an already healthy state of mind.  Any altered, deviated states need to be treated with one-on-one counseling with a counselor or therapist.


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