Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Workshop announcement!

“Seeds of Success!”
Uncover your potential.

Why this workshop? 
Being a teenager is both incredible and demanding. So many teenagers have potential to become outstanding mentors and leaders and fail to uncover their greatness because they are faced with confusion, peer pressure, negative beliefs or past bad experiences.  The world is changing rapidly and these teens are the future.  If provided adequate support and synergy skills, they can learn to uncover their greatness, and take lead in creating a beautiful future for the whole of humanity.

What will your teenager achieve at these this amazing workshops? 
We start off with the end in mind.  The end is to have your teen achieve their goals, have emotional intelligence, get along with their parents, accelerate their success, advance their problem solving techniques and become phenomenal leaders!
This six day program will eliminate the negative beliefs that hold teenagers back from achieving their full potential. 
These dynamic, fun, interactive and powerful workshops will program your teenager for success and will uncover their greatness. We use proven techniques & strategies in goal setting, emotional balancing, communication and negotiation.

Key components covered at the workshop
  • Importance of positive beliefs-- and how to nurture and sustain them.
  • Discovering your identity not your image—discover your personal motto.
  • Emotional empowerment and self belief.
  • Being a champion , becoming a mentor and leading by example
  • How to accelerate your success and how to maintain momentum
  • Goal Setting & the power of intentions-Set measurable academic and personal goals
  • Problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Deep Listening and effective communication.
  • Balance Mind, Body, and Soul.

How will your teenager accomplish this?
This is done through the following techniques:
  1. Experiential games
  2. Sharing and group work
  3. Questionnaires and self assessment.
  4. Success methods and strategies
  5. Audiovisual aids.
  6. Take-home cards and literature for future reference.

Duration:  3 hours, 3 days 
           Or   4 1/2 hours, 2 days 
Ages:  Batch 1: Ages 13 to 16
           Batch 2: Ages 17 to 19
This incredible workshop will drastically change the way that your teenager looks at and feels about themselves.
Allow your teenager to Take the Lead in Making Positive Changes
What an amazing gift to be able to give your teenager!

Individuals interested in organizing our SOS workshops are requested to send in an email to dr.rashmi@therayofhappiness.com.


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