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March 2014



March 31, 2014

Dear friends,
Wishing you all lovely new beginnings.

An update of yesterday's  meditation.  The meditation was performed at 6 am.
Anxiety or sense of foreboding has been repeatedly making their appearance in our healing sessions now.  Seems like we are a group of very sensitive souls, the sixth sense or intuition being very active.

 A sensitive person's ability to pick up subtle cues and ambivalence in the unconscious processes of the other can affect their peace of mind. Even though they can tune into what is going on, they either can't put it into words. Sometimes the sense if so vague that it is difficult to find out where it is coming from.  Maybe it is not a sense of foreboding, but one is actually catching the low moods of someone nearby.  Yet it is difficult to find where it is coming from.  Sensitive individuals, tuned into catching the depressive phases, can very well tune into the deep seated depression of others, even though the other has an extrovert image outside.

The way out of this dilemma is to become more conscious of their habitual reactions and to take more time out to be alone.
For if we keep repeating the anxiety we feel, we tend to hold on to it.  There is also the danger of other highly sensitive individuals carrying it forwards and looping it around. And just when one is over one phase of foreboding, the loop finds us again!
If the intuition is sending out signals, find out what can be done about it.  If nothing can be done, maybe it is not ours.
We are tuning into someone else's negative emotions.

Have a blessed week.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session



Dear Dr Rashmi, once again i find u echoing my fears and thoughts.
I find myself anxious for no obvious reason. Thanks to ur suggestion i will try to fight it out.
Thank u very much, regards


March 27, 2014


Dear friends,
Yesterday I performed the group healing at 1 pm to around 1.30 pm.
There is an instant connect now with all of you, who have been consistently sending in requests.  Yet the message this time was that of connection with all.  Each and every person is a part of the other, we are all connected through this vast world and each one of us affects the other, whether we realize it or not.

From this concept emerged a lovely meditation, very much on the lines of what an angel healing friend had suggested.  I am sharing this with you all, so you may try it as well.
One is urged to feel this connection, feel the connection to the earth, to the stars, the people, the plants and the animals; each is connected to the other. It can be visualized like a ripple of vibrational energy starting from the self and going out and connecting with each and every being.  Nurture that connectedness with love. Healing any unwanted or disapproving thoughts . Trust the inner guidance to lead in this healing process.  Intend to radiate those vibrations which would bring into your surrounding loving and supportive people and situations. And intend to be loving and supportive to all that surrounds you.
Now visualize emerald green  pools of love and light.  Feel yourself dipping in the soothing waters.  Allow this energy to wash over you and release all that is unlike love from your being.  Totally immerse in the energy of love.  This is one of the most powerful energies there is. Let this energy of love bring you back into balance once again. Let your heart be completely open while you do this.
Feel the lightness and release all thoughts of unforgiveness from the heart. Feel yourself healed and slowly make your way back to your physical existence.

As it has been taught so many times by our great teachers, the energy of hurt, anger, resentment, etc., all energy of lower vibration and actually causes our very blood vessels to constrict and less blood can flow in our physical body. It is time to heal any scars of the past so that we can be free to move forward. Forgiveness doesn't mean that what that person did to us is okay, what it means is that we are no longer willing to carry this burden. They will do their own work when they are ready, and that doesn't require any energy or further thought from us other than love for ourselves and to wish them healing on their own path. When it is no longer be a part of our vibration we can move forward unaffected by the actions of another.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session


March 24, 2014


Dear friends,
An update of today 's  meditation.  The meditation was performed at 5.30 am.
Many amongst us seem to be troubled with an overwhelming sense of dismay--for some it is very clear where it is coming from, for some the reasons are vague, for some it just seems to be a mystery.
Yet the feeling of "something is going to happen" seems topmost in our mind. One may associate it with anxiety, but for most of us, there are no visible reasons for anxiety or any other symptoms with this.  Yet unwanted thoughts sneak in. Sometimes taking away our sleep, sometimes preventing us from traveling, from experiencing joy of living.
We are told thoughts of impending doom should be welcome to one. We should be open to them and celebrate them because they give us an understanding of our mortality, which in return allows understanding the impermanence of all phenomena.
Yet this does not easily happen. 
At such times a structured handling of such thoughts could help us. If blocking them out is not helping, why not look at them.  Look at the worst possible outcome.  Delve into it deep enough to see that even at the worst possible outcome, one is going to be okay.  And then look at the best possible outcome.  Maybe the best possible outcome of this vague feeling is that we are going to be more careful or in other words, have an eye for detail as we go about our work today.
The next thing to do, if we do come upon a specific of our fear, is to deliberately script a different story.  Maybe our feeling can be read in a different perspective.  Maybe it is not fear.  It is just intuition. Or maybe our fear is not as big as we think it is.

It takes courage to go through this. It takes courage to stand up to our negative thoughts, steer them towards positive pastures and convince ourselves during that every thing is okay.
Like Martin Luther said " It is only in courage that the man/woman who stands rooted in fear can be free, and freedom is only the ability to walk through your fear.”

Have a blessed week.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session


Dear Dr Rashmi, every time i read your email, i realise that you are echoing my thoughts. I find solace in your explanation.
Thank you very much for the same. My father is suffering from kidney disease and i worry a lot about him. Ur meditative sessions are positively helping me to cope with it.
Thanx once more. Regards



March 18 and March 20, 2014


Dear friends,
Hope you had a wonderful Holi.
Monday's meditation was done at 1 pm.  The full moon energies were so strong.  Full moons are a time for completion and new moons of new beginnings.  The full moon time may also be apt for doing cleaning and removal of unwanted stuff, from the home, workspace or mind space.  Hence the focus of Monday meditation was cleansing. and more cleansing.

Today's meditation session was done at 5.30 am.  With all the cleansing of Monday, today was crystal clear. The essence has been to emphasize on simplicity.  Now that all cleansing is taken care of, whatever one is intending to do, Keep It Simple.
All therapies, medicines, understandings, reading, knowledge, research and studies prove useless unless acted upon.  When too much stuff is loaded, either it be the backpack or the mind-pack, it leads to inertia, inaction.  Therefore whatever one loads into the physical or mental plane, let it be simply understandable.
And yes, the emphasis of todays message is also on regular action.  Whatever technique or exercise one aligns to there is a need at this time to stick to it.  To be consistent in performing it. That it be simple, adds to the joy of repeating every day. The important thing is to practice, not spend too much time on philosophy.

Some of us relate to GOD, some to the Supreme, some to the Higher Self, some to the Universe, some to Nature, some to the Truth.
Whatever name or form we give, in essence through this relationship, we are trying to understand how our lives are unfolding, the mystery of existence.  Yet this mystery is unknowable and unthinkable. 
We can see and relate to everything, yet only within the limitations of our beliefs and perceptions.  Yet that which we think we understand, is also understood by another, albeit in a completely different way, sometimes totally contradicting us.  Many have lost their sanity in pursuit of complete understanding while still in the human form.  Because, yes to understand all aspects of What Is, would call for an explosion of all our senses, beliefs understandings.  Our neurons entrapped in our physical limitations does not have the capacity to process such a HUGE blast.
The message today is :  Understand what you can, what is within your frame of existence, then let go of the rest.
Many of us are already on the path.  Let this message be a reassurance to them
Many of us may feel discomfort as we read this.  Let this message be a gentle reminder that all is well.  We are safe.  We can let go of the need to control.
Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session

March 13, 2014


Dear friends,

Today's meditation session was done at 5.30 am. 
The  healing was intended for all the focus points requested. 
As I stuck to the methodical cleansing of the auras, I was not given any messages for any particular person at all.
I was given a visual where in the white light meditation was tried, I was guided to use gold light instead.  I was instructed that visualizing golden color light all around can give a sense of protection and grounding.
especially in periods of change.
Another visual was that of extending the vibrations of the golden light not just to the whole of earth but to the solar system.  It was a very soothing visual.
I suggest all of those who requested healing, try to visualize themselves surrounded by and protected by golden light for a week.  Also try to visualize the protective shield too in gold.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session

March 10, 2014

Dear friends,
An update of yesterday 's  meditation.  The meditation was performed at 5.30 am yesterday.

This time is a time of maintaining homeostasis  or status quo. Most of us wanting to make a change are doing so in the hope of being able to maintain the current scenario--may it be in terms of health, career, finance or relationships.  There is a fear of going south.  Hence wanting change.  Yet this is a time for deep thinking. Its a time to conserve and clarify our thoughts, our ideas within ourselves before we communicate these to others.
As we try to figure out and calm our inner energy upheavals, we may find it more difficult to connect with others or communicate so.  We may feel like people don't understand us or that there is a lot of opposition.  Or that people are misunderstanding us.  This is because we need to take time to assimilate our own learning and ideas first.  When there is inner clarity, then outer world seems to clarify itself.  When we start to understand ourselves we find communication with others becoming clearer.  Yet when we see this misunderstanding we get most critical of our Self, but it could trickle over onto others as well.
Our duty then is to slowly guide our thoughts towards the uplifting ones. Try to stay focused on all the blessings that we do have and all that we have accomplished instead of what's still on the list of things to do (in life).   As we focus on what we have we are encouraged to begin the necessary steps for manifesting our dreams. We start focusing on the practical side of manifesting.
When the negative downward spiral takes hold, lets just "CANCEL-CANCEL-CANCEL" them.
Then put out the "BLANK-CANVAS" to help us paint the first strokes of our creation in faith.
Have a blessed week.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session


March 6, 2014

Dear friends,
And so our journey continues.

Today, the healing session was done at 5.30 am.  The divine feminine made her strong yet pleasing presence felt, also probably due to all the lovely girls sending out their requests, in majority.

This is the season for handling all things logical and practical--what with the annual taxes and stuff.
As we get stressed and distressed about our financial affairs, the physical body is exposed to the swift change from winter to summer.  Compliment it with the climatic changes being so unpredictable in the current year, our energies start shifting from the upper levels or chakras to the lower levels--thus going into the survival mode.  Hence we find a lot of anger, jealousy, guilt, control, scheming and such surfacing.  All the more reason for the divine feminine to make her presence felt today.  To remind us to shift focus to the heart chakra.  To remind us to ground in the qualities of compassion---first towards the self and then extending to others. Now is the time when self-critical views start surfacing.  Watch them with amazement.  This is enough to let the purging process to be done effectively. 
A compassionate perspective towards the self makes the ground for safe and easy purging of self-depreciating beliefs.
This is the time to remind ourselves of the goodness that is within us, irrespective of our temporary imbalances. A subtle practice that could go a long way during these times is appreciation.  End each day with a note of appreciation and gratitude to the self, to life, to the near and dear ones. Let that set the stage for a restful sleep, as all things sort themselves out while you let yourself relax in the soothing arms of sleep.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session


March 3, 2014

Dear friends,
An update of yesterday 's remote healing meditation.  The meditation was performed at 5 am yesterday.
I have been unable to send in an email due to computer and internet connectivity issues.  I guess, the Universe wanted me to first imbibe the experience well before sharing!

The first healing meditation of the month was a smooth process.  I am thankful for those of you who have requested specific healing.  This helped create some structure in the otherwise free-flowing experience.
The clouds of fears dominated the meditation space.  What could be identified were
1. Fear of death.
2. Fear of poverty
3. Fear of ill health
4. Fear of Criticism
5. Fear of loss of loved ones.
6. Fear of old age.
7. Fear of loss of home.
As these were identified, they began to swirl around to reveal what lie at the core of all these fears--the feeling of insecurity.
The need to feel secure--physically, mentally, spiritually---is a basic human need.  All human beings feel insecurity in any or all of these areas at one time or the other.  As we react to this insecurity, either by neglecting it or by focusing too much, we nurture within us the any or all of these fears.
Some fear  is a necessary part of the human psyche, as a protective mechanism.  The excessive ones can be released.  The release can be done via two ways.
1. From outside within.
2. From within out.
When we work from outside within, we need to identify our fears, be honest with ourselves about their existence and then take adequate practical measures to alleviate them.  As more and more branches of these fears are identified and dealt with our sense of security begins to get stronger.   The advantage of this method is, we can work consciously and practically, most times with only an honest assessment of the self.  The disadvantage is it takes a long time and loads of patience to slowly retrain our habits and our reflex reactions.
When we work from within out, most times we need the help of a counselor, or therapist, or healer, or spiritual guru.  Someone who would lead us through exercises to build our self worth and security.  The advantage is it is less time consuming.  The major disadvantage is as we work from within, the fears may sometimes feel magnified when it is being released.  This can be discomforting, especially if embarking on this journey alone.
Whether we have one or many or all of these fears, may be find time to appreciate ourselves more often.
May we always find something to cherish about our selves.
May this appreciation and cherishing be reflected back to us in all our relationships.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session on Thursday.
Do remember to send in your requests before 8 pm today.
For those of you who have been asking for healing for others, I regret that I am unable to extend it to those who have not had at least an initial healing/therapy session with me.
Another area of concern for many of you had been about the payment for these sessions,  the energy exchange or money exchange is completely voluntary, on a donation basis ONLY.
The format for sending in requests is to send an email to this id with one area that you would want some clarity into. Or request for a general energy clearance.

Take care.
God Bless.


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