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 Jan 30, 2014

Dear friends,
As discussed earlier,  I had a beautiful meditation session early morning yesterday.
The meditation was from 4.30 am to 5.30 am.

As I focused on all of you who had requested for healing and on myself, this time parental ties, especially paternal, seemed to come into focus.
As we grow up and try to test out boundaries as to what we are beyond our parents world, we tend to experiment outside of our comfort zone--what is generally called teenage aggression.  This phase sometimes tend to create clashes with the original authorities--our parents or guardians. 
As we settle into our new-found personality, slowly our parental ties take on a new dimension.  Sometimes this does not happen or strains of the earlier conflict seem to linger.  Yet realignment of the parent connection is necessary for us to grow as an individual.  Else we get trapped in the rebellious child mindset even beyond our parent's years.
What seems to be called for at the moment is to visualize them as being in a happy place, wherever they are.
If one feels like, one may dedicate a few minutes every day, for the next seven days, to do the "Hooponopono" for any one of the parents.

Additional update to query:
If we had small differences with parents or any of them then
how does this block the current life?
Does it impact your day to day current activities?
Whether the difference at that time was small or big, what memory either in the form of belief, moral values, fear, anger..whatever that which we stored is what shapes the current reality.

As we had discussed earlier, the father-mother relationship forms the crux of all our relationships.
The provider relationship ( father child relationship) is recreated in adulthood in our relationship with money or career.
The nurturer relationship (mother child relationship) is recreated in our life-partner relationships.
While the bond between the parents, the dynamics of that relationship--who was dominant, who played what role, who treated the other how--this forms our belief about marital relationships.

As it is no parent is perfect.  so we may find some blockages in those parts acting up in our current life.  We might not be aware how.  If you see, all religions also have some parent-related ritual or ceremonies as part of their cleansing rituals.

Hence if we can do the hooponopono it would help bring some level of comfort.  



Jan 27, 2014

As discussed earlier,  I had a beautiful meditation session early morning today.
The meditation was from 4 am to 5 am.

As I focused on all of you who had requested for healing, I got a couple of distinct messages, which I would like to share with all of you.

The first message was of letting go.
It seems many of us are going through a phase where letting go of old ideas, behaviors, or nonworking relationships, or maybe even unused clothes are getting to be a problem.  There is too much attachment, and resistance to change.
It would be a good idea to start cleansing your homes, immediate environment of unnecessary hoarding.  Take a single step today towards clutterclearing--it may be something as simple as cleaning up your table drawer or your PC desktop. A physical clearing will make it easier to let go of emotional stuff as well.

The second message that came up was a feeling of constraint, restriction--Many of us are feeling limited--financially, physically or emotionally. Limitations are good to create disciple.  HOwever when limitations become too constricting, we see it effecting our physical and mental well-being.  One of the first manifestation of this, is in the form of respiratory illnesses--sinus problems, lung issues, etc.
One way to deal with it would be to take deep breaths.
Dedicate some time --maybe 10 minutes every day to practice deep breathing.  Practice Belly Breathing, pranayam, kapalbati.


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