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Feb 2014



Feb 27, 2014

Dear friends,
Wish you a very blessed Mahashivratri.

Tonight is a beautiful night for meditation.  If any of you are awake, do keep your spines erect to imbibe within your kundalini the energies of shiva and shakti, the consciousness and the energy, which balance each other.

Today, the healing session was done at 1 pm.  It was a clean and pure session in which the requests were clarified and sent out to the Universe.  And an intention for general healing was set in motion, summing it up with intention for global healing.

There was the beautiful vision that emerged.

Just as the yin and yang create the perfect paradox as well as the perfect symmetry, so does our own energies, bundled within our system.  Each playing its own game, doing its work. When we clasp our feet together, notice the pattern of yin yang forming from the arches of our feet.  And then when we clasp our hands together (again in a yin-yang or spooning manner) we complete the energy circle.  This helps in sealing out aura.  helps in strengthening out energy field.
Now with our eyes closed, slowly we bring our clasped hands towards our clasped legs, stretching out our spine, feeling each vertebrae bend, one at a time, releasing all the knots in the spine.  Then slowly we bend our neck with out forehead pointed towards our umbilicus.  We allow ourselves to hold this position till we are comfortable doing do.  And then slowly  release the posture.
All the while taking in rhythmic slow breaths.  Focus is kept on the breathe and the energy shifts at four points--
1. Hands.
2. Legs
3. Forehead
4. Umbilicus.
I urge you to try this out by yourselves and let me know how it goes, and if any new awareness comes your way as you perform this.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session


Feb 24, 2014

Dear friends,
An update of today's remote healing meditation.  The meditation was performed at 5 am today.

It was quite a difficult process today.  I could feel a lot of heaviness and disturbances as I tried to focus on remote healing.  As long as I was just intending meditation it was calm and peaceful. As soon as I intend to connect to remote healing, it would become quite hazy. (Later on I was told by some friends that there is some astrological planetary alignment changes in process which could be the reason for the disturbance)
Finally after performing a grounding exercise I was able to connect with the process of remote healing.  The subject today seemed to revolve around perceptions.  Many of us seem to be holding on to our one-view perception as though our life depending on it! The stubbornness has been creating problems for us time and again, yet we are afraid to let go, for we have known no other view.

Yet holding on to one view was what brought the downfall of even the ten-headed and super-intelligent Ravan.
I was shown the imagery of Brahma and immediately the conversation I had some days back with Ishaan started playing over and over again. In short the gist of the conversation was this:  "All directions head towards one, so which ever direction one is facing, would in fact be THE ONE.  One needs to have many heads to be able to face many directions.  Yet even with 10 heads, Ravan was unable to do so.  Yet Brahma has multiple heads, in different directions, maybe depicting that he can have more than one view of the same situation.
Maybe that is why he is depicted as the creator."
So if we are looking for flowing with the flow, we can be sure that whichever direction we are at right now, if we sincerely trust it, It would be just right for us.  Yet we need to also realize that if this is true for us, it is also true for all others around us.  Hence we need to allow other their view point, perspective.  we need to agree to it, but we need to accept that their view might be just what is needed for them.

Yet if we want to be active creators, it would help us to explore and hold all perspectives even before we are forced to.
Only then will we be guided towards active creation.

And remember whichever view one holds, this too shall pass!
We have the resilience within us to adjust and flourish in any change.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session



Feb 20, 2014

Dear friends,
We are almost at the end of the week and the energies are vibrant. Maybe the hope of the coming weekend, maybe the satisfaction of a week, well lived.

As we head towards the approaching weekend, how many of us are aligned to being happy just for the sake of happiness. How many of us feel guilty when we indulge in pure pleasures of the soul. How many of us feel impending danger as we laugh mirthfully.

Today, we are guided towards a new path.

Its time for the old belief to go.
The belief of happiness and sadness move in cycles. 
That for every moment happiness there awaits a moment of sadness.
That after every rise, there comes a fall.
The new wisdom says that happiness and sadness are not different.  They are but the same. Every happiness can be viewed with a perspective of sadness. And vice versa.
Heaven and hell are not different.  They coexist here on earth.
The rises and falls are right there, beside one another, not opposing each other, but complimenting each other--like the mountains and valleys. As magnificent as the mountains are, arent valleys as peaceful?
When we sway to one extreme, we feel the other extreme with severity.
While all along they are just the same.
Lets not place a premium on our happiness or our sadness.
Its time to let go of all these stories.  Of all the drama that we create around our highs and lows.
Let us intend to be present to all our emotions, all our victories, all our experiences, all our trials.
Let us be present to the present moment.
Just guiding our focus and attention to what presents itself in front of us, we allow this to happen.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session



Feb 17, 2014

Dear friends,
An update of today's remote healing meditation.  The meditation was performed at 5 am today.  It was a serene dawn just right for divine magic.
Many of us are often confused as to what our path of life is. We are in an era of tremendous change--as is evidenced  world over by the way of unusual climates, the astonishing new discoveries, as also a whole new perspective on our value system as humans and as living beings.
The only true path is the path of the self--to find yourself and know yourself.  The way to reach there is to follow the steps as they are shown.  To trust that whatever is right now presenting in front of you as your job or your responsibility, to wholeheartedly do it. Let the problems that arise resolve themselves.  Just focus on whatever work is given to you, focus on how you relate to it.  The way to do this is acceptance.  Acceptance of all that is.  Acceptance of the self, in all its dimensions. Acceptance of life in all its magnificence. To shift focus from achieving to receiving.  As you become receptive, everything is shown, given to you.
All you need to do is to be in touch with your self, be aware of the higher self.  The guidance of the higher self is always available.  A sure way to keep the connection clear is by devoting some time every day to meditation.  Here too there is nothing to do, just observe the silence within yourself.  Just be an observe and watch the magic unfold.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session on Thursday.
Do remember to send in your requests before 8 pm Tuesday.
There have been some requests for specific individual messages.  I regret that it is not always possible in a group energy session.  Sometimes, it does happen that specific messages do show up.  When that happens it is unique in itself.
Take care.
Have fun.

 Feb 13, 2014

Dear friends,
Wishing you all a very happy valentines day.
And the belated update of Thursday remote healing meditation.
The theme was matters of the heart.  maybe because of the valentine's day energies all around!
The message was clear:

"If you want your heart's desires to come to you, ask for divine guidance.  Ask you angels to connect you to your divinity.  Ask for guidance and help to prepare yourself for accommodation of that which your heart desires. Its not your job to go hunting for it.  Your job is only to prepare for its arrival.  And it shall walk in, effortlessly, easily. "
Now this may relate to matters of the companionship:
Eg: Attracting a life partner, or enriching the present relationship.
Or it may be any other matter that the heart desires
Eg:  a good job, an ideal home, good marks in exams etc.
I would like to suggest a prayer which might help us all to align to this message:
"May I be aligned to my highest potential.
May I be guided in every step I take.
May I release the need to control the outcome.
May I be blessed with all resources required,
To prepare myself for my divine path.
May I have trust in the existence of my heart's desires,
May I welcome them wholeheartedly, when I am truly and fully ready.
For the highest good of all concerned,
And so it is."

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session


Feb 10, 2014

Dear friends,

Our journey of healing continues.
Today at 5 am, as I drifted into the meditation, I was glad to have so many of your presence around me.  Your requests represent to me your hope and determination to heal yourself and see the world as a better place.
As requested, the aura cleansing was done for those who intended to have it done.  The specific areas were tended to, cleaned, and energized.
The message from today:

"If you want healing, intend or extend healing to others.  If you want the world to be a better place, fill yourself with better thoughts, let your actions be in alignment for the betterment of the world. "
The hooponopono needs to be continued for a week as well as the meditation detailed in the last email.  Release all your fears-about health, relationships, career, etc---into the divine light.  Fill in hope and trust into your psyche, your aura, your energies.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session

Just sharing my experience here

I say the line “I am sorry please forgive me, I love you Thank you” many a times now & I feel much lighter

When I say these with closed eyes I can see my Dear ones (some passed away some alive) whom I have knowingly or otherwise hurt at some point of time

But after that I feel lighter .

Feb 6, 2014

 Dear friends,

Today I performed the group healing at 4.30 am to around 5.30 am.

The theme of the session today was Hooponopono.
The words most prominent as I set into healing were "I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you."
As I connected with all the people who have requested to be part of today's process, you physical forms took shape forming a circle of vibrant energy. The hooponopono song remained the theme.
What came up today was a beautiful meditation, which you may attempt to do by yourself for your individual issues.
First visualize a beautiful open ground, and use the hooponopono prayer to create grounding, a connect with the self and with the Universe or powers that be.  Then gently request all the inner children to show up.  One need not know what inner children are, or understand at what age we hold our inner children.  As we send out this request, we will find our child selves at various ages gather around to form a circle. Hold hands to complete the circle, maybe sit on the ground while holding hands.  Create a bonfire in the center.  Start blowing out all anger/grief/fears/blocked up emotions. See your child-selves doing the same. See the fire gather strength and burn high with all the released energy. It will reach a state where it will exhaust itself, and the emotions would also have exhausted. Let it take its own time to do so.

 With the normal bonfire still burning, shed your social identity into the fire--this maybe visualized as giving away your id cards, or even clothes that you are wearing, into the flames of the fire. See all the child-selves doing the same. Once all of the identity and clothes have been burnt up, there will be no trace of the fire.  The ground would be completely clean. Allow time for this to happen.
Now gently peel off the physical selves (our individual selves), as one peels it off, one finds it become a pale blue gel-like as though it is condensed water. One is left with a feeling of lightness with the spark of the soul. See all the younger selves peel their bodies as well and be little sparks of soul fragments.  See the bodies all collect to form a pool of water in the center. Intend to release any excessive energy that might still be there in these collected physical body form to its right source.  What is in excess and belongs to earth see it going away, same with air and light.  When there is just the right amount of energies left, the pool of water will be crystal clear reflecting the sky.
Now gather together all the soul fragments of the younger selves and emerge to form one bright light source which is our soul awareness.  Now, as this bright light, enter into the pool of crystal clear water, soaking in the coolness.  As one emerges out see the physical body formed around the soul light at the current age, completely healthy and vibrant.
Dress up in the clothes that represent what we ideally want in our social selves. And then slowly let go of all these images.  Take a deep breath and bring ourselves back into the present reality.
This is a detailed meditation which came up today.  If one is not able to go through it,do not stress over it.
You can always just keep chanting the four lines of hooponopono  to yourself.
"I am sorry,
Please forgive me,
I love you,
Thank you."

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session


Feb 3, 2014

Dear friends,
Today I performed the group healing at 1 pm to around 1.30 pm.
The change in time seemed to come with a bright new perspective, for I was able to see each of you, who have requested healing along with your angels--I could see little orbs with wings flying around each of you.
This seems to be a time of connection for each of us, connection within to ourselves, connection with our fellow beings, as well as to higher guidance. It seems all of us are already in the process of deepening all these connections. We could facilitate it a bit more, but a daily practice of silence, going within.  If you are called to do so, you may try connecting with the white light and channeling it to your surroundings, to your city, and to the world as a whole.  Gently ask for guidance from your angels/ascended masters/guru as you do so.
It surprises me how each session seems to form a central theme.  Even though not all of you know each other, what each of you wish healing for, seems to have one cause coming up in majority.
Today's central theme came up as wealth--obstacles from within to its creation, clarity to a source of employment for it creation, restoration of former abundance, preservation, and also financial security.
What came up for this theme was:
1.  Appreciation of what one already has.
2.  Appreciation of others abundance--checking within for feelings of jealousy or beliefs of why it is wrong for so and so to amass or "show-off" their wealth.  When we see affluence, let it be an affirmation for ourselves that abundance is possible.
3. Sharing one's abundance.  It can be as simple as giving a rupee to a beggar, or feeding a needy child, or giving away good usable clothes/toys/stuff that one has no use for.  It does not even have to be a so-called needy.  One can even pick up the tab on a meal-out with friends or relatives. Else share the abundance of love in your heart.  Do a good deed every day.  The only criteria is do it not with a feeling of doership, but with a feeling as though the receiver is doing a favor on you by receiving that which you are providing. Let your act of sharing brim your eyes and heart with tears of joy. This is one powerful way of breaking the inner wealth barrier.

Hope to meet you all at a soul level at the next session

What do you do when beggars approach you? Give them money, or give them something to eat or just walk away….everytime I walk away from them I am in  a confused state….because on one hand I go  & donate to orphanages ones a year; & here I find it incorrect to give money to beggars as they will never feel like working or will never feel independent as I am directly encouraging them to beg. 
What do you opine?

 Never let anyone who approaches you for alms go empty-handed.
You can give them a rupee, or food, or heartfelt blessings (they do not even have to know it, you can just do a salaam and say-Maaf karo, while your heart is blessing them--"May you overcome whatever challenge has brought you here and move forward with ease"!)

Go with what feels comfortable to you at that point in time.  Keep all these three options open. Do not overthink or analyze as to what is right and what is wrong.
  Most times, we do not know what those people are going through.  It is impossible to know all.
But if we just go with what our heart is telling us to do---its mainly in the form of intuition, not really logical--then we know it would be right for the situation.


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