Jan 2013

 The answers provided here are of a generic nature.  For complete cure especially for deep rooted issues personal consultation is necessary.

Q1: Is it possible to heal someone with chronic last stage depression & suicidal tendencies?

A1: Healing happens when the person is at least 30% willing to apply his or her own efforts. A healer/therapist can only guide and show the path. To walk the path is their will. As also with energy healing, we can provide the energy support. To accept it and work with it is completely the person's will. How to move further can be determined when with a more detailed case description. 

Q2: I am losing hair tremendously. Its been a problem since few years. So now the time has come that I've to tie a bun. I am apparently, very much worried. Food and all is not helping much. I know its an emotional issue. Its due to hormonal imbalance..Please HELP .
 A2:  Hair loss makes itself apparent upto three months after one has had a serious physical illness.  Then there are the nutrition, chronic illness and the psychological factors. Firstly make sure you are doing everything possible on a physical level--eg, diet, exercise, hygiene. Check your blood levels. On the mind level, when you can be comfortable even at the worst, focus shifts. Right now focus is on hair. Energy flows where focus is. Energy knows no good, no wrong, no right, no wrong. Hence the need to de-focus by understanding that everything will be/is okay. For getting hold on emotional aspect, you can try the technique called EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique. As of now try shifting focus on to what is right about your hair at the present time and then focus on the affirmation "The more i focus on my inner beauty, the more it shines through to my outer beauty."

 Q3: I don't know what is happening to me as i had lost my younger brother recently and few years back my father . its really tough for me to come in term with life as the emptiness which they have left in my life is not easy to be filled i m finding it tough to live life without them.

 A3: We enter this world alone, we exit alone. In between we align with others to experience some emotions, some feelings, some doings, some nondoings etc. For once we exit, we are just unconditionality--we cant place a word to that which is--we describe it in this three-dimensional world as unconditional love, God, Higher force etc. So our duty is to experience everything that comes our way. Experience whatever is happening within you right now. It is natural that we may attach ourselves to our experiences through emotions. So it will help to still the mind for at least 15 min every day. Focus on your breath and chant the Mantra "Sohum" for 15min. "So" is the in-breath, "Hum" is the out-breath. God Bless.

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