The Sixth Sense~Myth or reality?

Many a times I have been asked about intuition or the sixth sense.  About how if animals are so in touch with it, how come we humans with all our prowess in all mind matters, find it difficult to connect?
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As the theory of the mind goes, while we are born, the mind is equipped with the survival skills and the DNA is loaded with any new evolutionary changes. That time when we are born, we are very much in touch with our survival instincts.  The sixth sense is part of the survival instinct package.
Let us look at how an animal might function. They are born into the world. Some are left to fend for themselves right from birth, some taken care of by both their parents, some by single parents over varying durations. 

Whatever the duration of time, it never exceeds the time needed to become a young adult. Then the young adult has to fend for themselves in all aspects of their life.  They have to search for food, shelter and protect themselves, every day, every moment. Only during mating period some work allocation is seen. Post mating period, it is back to fending for the self. Hence all of their senses are kept to optimum and within limits or what we may call balance. They are busy every moment just surviving.  That could also be the reason why the other animal species have not evolved as much as human species.

We humans have formed sophisticated cultures and communities. For optimum function, we have delegated the work required for survival of the species.  We have delegated some tasks and we take over some. For example, we have the armed forces, the police, the watchmen and what not for protection. We have farmers who grow food, hunters or animal farmers who provide the meat, then we have architects who build our homes. Hence our basic survival is ensured.  That leaves space for looking at "what else is possible?". Hence the saga starts of innovation and creation of more.  This is very good for our species.

Yet what happens is as we are using less and less of our basic instincts, we tend to move away from all things instinctive.  This is seen most in children who have a very protected childhood.  Children who have had some kind of upheavals--emotional or physical--where they feel their safety is threatened, they hold on to their basic  instincts.  For they, with their limited say in society, have to depend on that for their comparative safety.

Even as an adult, most of intuitive people, see their intuitive skills resurface when they are in a catch-22 situation or are in situations where their survival is threatened.
This reminds me of the movie "The Life of Pi". For those who dont know about the movie, it is a story where a youth is trapped in the ocean with just a lifeboat and a tiger for company, and how he survived.  I remember the scene in which the tiger was thrown overboard and the protagonist had the option to be rid of the  tiger, since he has already attempted to attack him before. 

Yet he decides to let the tiger in.  For he realizes that it was because of the constant danger of the tiger attacking him, that he was aware of what was going on around him. Hence he was able to perceive any danger and keep himself alive.

Such is also the story of our life. Many a times, what we deem as unwanted and irritating or even life threatening, might be what is keeping our instincts alive and kicking.  Once we acknowledge this we can consciously keep track of how our instincts tend to show up.  For each person, their instincts show up in different forms, for some it could be a heaviness in the stomach, for some a buzzing in the head, for some it could be a tremor down the spine, etc.  Once we know how our inner self talks to us, we do not need to have danger lurking around, for us to get in touch with our instincts.

One simple method to check what the instinct is saying is as follows:

When at crossroads about any decision, look at the options available, weigh the pros and cons of each, one at a time. While doing so, just let your head drop a little and check how you are feeling at the pit of the stomach. If it is well and smooth, then that is the path to move on. If there is any discomfort or heaviness, then another option would be a better choice.

Like all things in this world, overdoing or focusing too much on one thing tends to tilt the delicate balance of nature.  Hence use the sixth sense only when required. For all other times, being in the present moment would suffice!

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