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 Dear Friends, 
I invite you to share your confusing problems with me on the contact form in this website.
I will attempt to answer at least five of the questions, allowing the higher intellect to flow through me.
May your queries lead to wider awakening within me.
And so It is !

Q1: I am writing for my friend. "I am a pleaser. If people define themselves I define myself. If people are friendly and encourage me to adapt then I do. so, it is not about me trying hard to fit in or get by. It is about what is the universal truth for how a person should be when it comes to external influence especially not wanting to hurt someone else's self-respect is of highest priority."

A:  A true pleaser pleases oneself first. Having said this, every situation is unique within itself. If there is any "ram baan" medicine to everything it is "Gratitude and compassion". The dosage will vary according to the situation. Life is a collage of experiences. Every experience is unique and is playing a part in the overall picture. Hence no other person can 100 % tell anyone else what exactly to do--what exactly truth is. Truth itself is a perception-if it is collective it becomes Universal. Still it is just a perception. Your friend will do well to take advices as pointers, not to be followed to the T, but to be inculcated to the extent that is possible for him, operating out of compassion and gratitude. Like Dalai Lama says "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

 Q2: I would generally like to go out and help people but am afraid that it might create problem rather than help. especially people whom I know very less. how do i approach? do i anyway go and help them thinking only positive? or do i hold back thinking that my helping them might change their destiny negatively?

A: Help starts with oneself.
Firstly check whether the help you intend to do is something easily doable, also giving you happiness. self sacrifice. When we help someone, we feel the gratitude for being able to help.  Hence we get our satisfaction in the act itself.  The act thus becomes complete within itself.

This is the benchmark: If you come across someone in help, in line with your path, do it.
Never self sacrifice or go overtly out of your way.
Neither side track or play blind.

Q3: Tell me ways of releasing all the negativity from my life.
A: What you focus on expands. As Robin Sharma says, "The human brain is hardwired for ingratitude--it served us well when we fought saber tooth tigers so many hundreds of years ago. But it limits our performance and creativity now. Positive psychology pioneers teach us that we should practice "deliberate gratitude" to rewire our brains to notice all the good things in our lives. With practice, this will cause us to have more energy" . So make a deliberate attempt to list out things to be grateful for every day before retiring to bed.

Q4: Iam a BEd teacher.  I am alone. every one is unhappy with me .i dont know why god is doing only to me when i want to achieve my goals then so many barriers come infront of me..i cant concentrate on anything. i want to commit suicide but i cant when i remember my family.i dont want to marry may be that will lead to divorce becoz if iam unhapy how is it possible for him to live happy. i dont want to do this.why only girls have to bear all this. why the society is not giving a chance to them.even i prayed to god pls take me on to your arms as quickly as possible. if a car or bus hit me dont gve the punishment to the driver only my prayer is take me in to your arms.....mam can u help me.....i want to be happy and make others happy. 
A: First and foremost...Understand that you have completed your BEd. How many people have even completed graduation in India?
Understand that what we believe about ourselves is what will be shown to us by others.
Right now, maintain a dairy or log book(simple notebook). Get some star stickers. Each day that you treat yourself well, give yourself a star sticker on that page.
What you focus on expands.
If you focus on things going bad, however small, they will expand.
If you focus on things that went right for you, they will expand.
And in addition you can use Mirror talk----in the morning while brushing or bathing or whenever you can, stand in front of the mirror. Look into your eyes and say---"I am good enough and am joyfully improving. Every day in every way I am getting better and better".......repeat this seven times.
Stick to this routine diligently and you will see improvement in two weeks. 

The answers provided here are of a generic nature.  For complete cure especially for deep rooted issues personal consultation is necessary.

Q1: Is it possible to heal someone with chronic last stage depression & suicidal tendencies?

A1: Healing happens when the person is at least 30% willing to apply his or her own efforts. A healer/therapist can only guide and show the path. To walk the path is their will. As also with energy healing, we can provide the energy support. To accept it and work with it is completely the person's will. How to move further can be determined when with a more detailed case description. 

Q2: I am losing hair tremendously. Its been a problem since few years. So now the time has come that I've to tie a bun. I am apparently, very much worried. Food and all is not helping much. I know its an emotional issue. Its due to hormonal imbalance..Please HELP .
 A2:  Hair loss makes itself apparent upto three months after one has had a serious physical illness.  Then there are the nutrition, chronic illness and the psychological factors. Firstly make sure you are doing everything possible on a physical level--eg, diet, exercise, hygiene. Check your blood levels. On the mind level, when you can be comfortable even at the worst, focus shifts. Right now focus is on hair. Energy flows where focus is. Energy knows no good, no wrong, no right, no wrong. Hence the need to de-focus by understanding that everything will be/is okay. For getting hold on emotional aspect, you can try the technique called EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique. As of now try shifting focus on to what is right about your hair at the present time and then focus on the affirmation "The more i focus on my inner beauty, the more it shines through to my outer beauty."

 Q3: I don't know what is happening to me as i had lost my younger brother recently and few years back my father . its really tough for me to come in term with life as the emptiness which they have left in my life is not easy to be filled i m finding it tough to live life without them.

 A3: We enter this world alone, we exit alone. In between we align with others to experience some emotions, some feelings, some doings, some nondoings etc. For once we exit, we are just unconditionality--we cant place a word to that which is--we describe it in this three-dimensional world as unconditional love, God, Higher force etc. So our duty is to experience everything that comes our way. Experience whatever is happening within you right now. It is natural that we may attach ourselves to our experiences through emotions. So it will help to still the mind for at least 15 min every day. Focus on your breath and chant the Mantra "Sohum" for 15min. "So" is the in-breath, "Hum" is the out-breath. God Bless.

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