Healing through Breath!

An effective method for relieving both acute and chronic physical pain.

Child is the father of the man. We are all born with huge intuition capacity. Hence in the formative years, when there lesser adulteration of intuition by the ego, we tend to be naturally inclined towards what suits us best in terms of healing and/or short term relief.

I remember my days growing up in a country-side, with beautiful hillock overlooking out home, set amidst fields of seasonal crops-corn/brinjal/okra etc. Those were the days of carefree fun, where rolling down the steep hill was part of the growing up fun. Cuts and bruises were to be dusted off and forgotten, else you miss out on the fun!

There were thorns and snakes and scorpions and bugs and mosquitoes fighting for their share in the fun.

I recall how once, when I was about 7 or 8, a big piece of lumbar was pulled over my feet by mistake and my feet started bleeding.  Initially it was too numb for me to realize that I was hurt, then the bleeding brought in a bit of fear and the pain set in.  I remember becoming completely still, putting my hands over the immensely bleeding wound and taking deep breathes. I didnt know what else to do. To scream or panic, never occurred to me, I suppose!.I also dont know why I did this. But I started taking deep breaths and then slowly I could visualize/imagine all the beautiful flowers that I so adored. I could even smell the sweet wild roses. For a moment, I even felt I was hallucinating (going bonkers!!).  Yet, the fact was, this what I did, relieved my pain! I dont remember much about my parent's reaction, but I bet they must have been surprised that there was no screaming.

This then became my first reaction to any pain or hurt. I would go silent, pause, become very still and take deep breaths.  It became second nature to me.  In fact, I always thought that was how everyone dealt with hurt!  (Now if only I could have done this for those dreaded injections I had to get as a kid!!  Ugghh....Inspite of having administered quite a few injections myself, I still detest injections!)

Ever since being introduced to mind-medicine, the self introspection and learning from experience, made me go back to that place where I first experienced this technique.  The child-mind had intuitively attuned to this method of healing and accepted it without questioning, for it had experienced its benefit and had autotuned itself to respond similarly to similar situations.

As I try to structure it now, the way the technique works is like this:

1.  Keep still: Become very still, physically, so as not to cause further damage to the tissues.
2. Deep Breaths: Physical stillness itself creates a kind of mental stillness.  To deepen it further, concentrate on your breath and take deep breaths.  Ideally practice stomach breathing.
3. Use hands: Place your hands on the place where it hurts.  If one cannot place the hands directly in touch, eg in case of open wounds or unaccessible areas, place the hands above the area or the area as close to the focus area as possible.  Keep breathing deeply and try feeling the area for any sensations or feelings.
4. Healing thoughts: Intentionally think of good things-things that made you feel good, and/or send healing affirmations, thoughts, and/or energy to the area.  Visualize the area as already healed!


I have tried it on myself as well as on others, on both acute as well as chronic injuries.  In all cases, there has been about 30 to 80% relief of pain and mostly have gone on to heal well.

The procedure to follow in case of others is the same.  Ask them to keep still and breath deeply.  Then you place your hands over the focus area, without touching the area.  Both of you keep breathing deeply.  You then channelize healing through your hands to this area.  Sometimes just thinking happy thoughts, even unrelated to the pain, works equally well!  Yes, it is that miraculous!

This is how I think, this whole technique works:
1. Keeping still:  This prevents further physical damage.
2. Deep breaths: Stills the mind. Physical pain is increased when the mind is confused and is filled with thoughts of how bad it can be. Focusing on breathing cuts through the thoughts and calms down the mind.
3.  Using the hands: Touching or remotely feeling the area is a way of accepting the area, as part of ourselves, and hence connecting to the area better.
4. Healing thoughts: "Thoughts become things". Where our thought focuses, energy flows. Hence when we think of the worst outcome for ourselves as well as others, it adds to the distress.  When we think good thoughts, we stop contributing to the feeling of distress.  Visualizing healing aids healing.

I have found that the most effective things are often very simple. Simple things done consistently with awareness creates huge shifts.

May this simple technique benefit all those seeking healing with love. 

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  Love and Light


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