The secret laws behind rituals-part 1

While going through a low phase, I was introduced to the Law of Attraction and later to Nichiren's Buddhism by my dear friend, Shumi, my inquisitive mind tried to draw parallels...Nichiren's Buddhism as it was revealed to me, was about putting an intent and then chanting morning-evening gongyo and a million Daimoku's with the intent of making your wish come true...Of course this happens to the best interest of all concerned.

See a parallel here?
One way of practicing the Law of attraction indicates that you put up a wish, visualize it, create it, emote with it, start believing it, vibrate to its frequency. Then release it up to the Universe to fulfill it, trusting that what this or something better is definitely coming your way. For the Universe always says "Yes!"
From my perspective the chanting process, was one way of self hypnosis. Just before chanting we are to look at the intent, maybe even as placards, then begin chanting which goes on for an hour or more. By reading the gongyo, we release this intent into the Universe. Well, this was the way we practiced it then.

All this is okay and good.  And there are many more simpler methods to vibrate to the universal frequency as I have come to know in the years in between. Again to each his/her own.


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  Love and Light


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