The flow of life!

Originally posted on 7 Feb 2011
They say that if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans for Life!
It seems so true. Life is one continuous flow.  The more we try to control it, the more it seems to get out of our control.
It would do us all good, to view life as a river which flows on to meet with the mighty Ocean. Now we all want to meet that ocean, reach there. But we want to reach there posthaste!!

We feel that we are just sitting still, so how do we reach there?? So what do we generally do? We try to swim. We try to paddle, we try to move.  Sometimes we move with the current, sometimes against it. For we know not which direction the Ocean is. Sometimes we don’t even want to go to the ocean, for we do not know what it would be like.

The fear of the unknown makes us cling to the known, however uncomfortable the known might be.
Once we view of our life as a river, we can let go of the need to struggle, to swim, to do go against the current.
Now that does not mean that we sit still and shy away from our responsibilities. It does mean that we go about our mundane everyday duties with appreciation and gratitude.  It means that we do our duties and accept our circumstances, good or bad, knowing that this too is a flow, this too shall change.
For change is the only constant in the flow of life. The more we accept change, the more comfortable we become.
Now what floats best on water? A stone or a leaf? As the weight of the stone causes it to sink, so does the weight of our ego causes us to sink in the flow of this river of life.  A good exercise to slim down the ego would be to view that what we are as a rental place. Whether good or bad, its with us to be enjoyed for the time being. The more we detach from the feeling of this is mine, the more we are able to accept what is. And the slimmer and lighter our ego gets. Hence we are ready to float easily on the river of life.
When there is turbulence, we do need to swim. Now how do we know whether we are moving towards or away from the mighty Ocean? The amount of resistance offered by our soul is a good measure for that. The essence of our soul knows exactly which way the flow is, whatever illusion the surroundings show. When we do things during our turbulent stage, that are totally in accordance with the society/moral values and such, but still feel something amiss, still feel depressed, still feel struggle mounting up…that is when we need to take a step back and ask ourselves…is this the way for ME?
When you swim in tune with the undercurrent flow of YOUR life, you are at ease, even when at loggerheads with the surroundings. There is an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness. There you are heading the right direction, my friend!!
Sometimes we swim to the periphery or bank of our river of life, struggle and struggle, dig and dig to form a lake. Our safe haven. We feel happy about our achievement, we feel content. But this lasts only for a while. Then we see the stagnation of the flow. We see ourselves suffocating in this very lake that is our own creation. Then there comes a struggle again to get out of this lake with boundaries that we have created ourselves. And yes we have made it like a fortress for our own safety. So it is going to be a bit of an effort getting out of there into the main stream. Yet you will know it is the right thing to do.
There in lies the secret of a peaceful life. There in lies the secret of taking each day, each moment with a smile. Acceptance, gratitude and love.
May you find your river..
May you cherish your river..
May you remain afloat..
May you drift with the flow..
May you be happy…

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  Love and Light


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