Seeker always or a know-it-all?

Originally posted 17 feb 2011
One comment by a dear friend on one of my wall posts brought into perspective what I have been thinking for a while...something that keeps coming back...something which  has remained unanswered so far.
How many of us who are on to what is termed as the spiritual path, actually have come across this question?
What is IT that we are seeking? Why do we feel the urge to keep seeking? Do we want to remain a seeker or else..what...what is beyond the seeking?

I know, I mean wanting to know everything too is in a way wanting to control what is happening...
Truly how can anyone know everything?
Everything is changing day by day.
What I know in my journey so far is true for me, seen through my eyes, true for my life...
So is it for everyone...everyone's life is unique..
So how can anyone know everything about everyone?
I too get into these phases
I mean ....nothing is yours, just flow, just be....let go, surrender...
Then how am I different from an animal or may be an insane person?
Yes they come with their story...yes they teach us, who are around them, some valuable lessons..
Lessons in what?
If we were supposed to be like them, then why arent we?
If we are like this then there has to be a purpose...what is it?
and if everybody had thought this way....nothing...
then how would the world had evolved to how it is?
The questions are never ending
I am in the phase of accepting the existence of the questions ...finding the funny side of not knowing the answers...Finding the equilibrium between letting life happen and creating a beautiful world.
As it is the Universe creates for us what we think, what we focus on, in just the way that all the people involved in the creation are aligned to.  So in essence if I am creating good which is for the good of all involved, then they were in alignment with this creation that is why it is it with something not so desirable...something bad.
Then again, what is good and what is bad?
May be, If I really knew all the answers, I (the soul) would no longer be required to spend time in this physical body.....
So may be its good, I dont have all the answers...
My duty is to share my experiences, share the practices which work for me..Not imposing, Not negating anything or anyone.
Some questions are more healing than most answers.
May all being be happy.
May all find their own healing questions!
❤*May you be happily ridiculous and ridiculously Happy! ❤*
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  Love and Light

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