Ho'oponopono-- healing with responsibility!

 Originally posted on March 20, 2011
I am sorry
Please Forgive Me
I love You
Thank You!
The magical mantra to healing and  changing your life--Beyond The Secret!
Beautiful Hooponopono song

What if you got to know that everything going wrong or causing you discomfort in your life, in your relationships, in your surroundings, in this world, is basically related to you?
How would it feel like to own responsibility for creating this?
Scary! Right!
Now the good part of this is, that if I have created this, I have the power to undo this!.  The first step starts with owning responsibility.
And that is so empowering!! Isn't that awesome?
Now lets look at the belief that "every problem you experience is happening because of you."   This world as we know it is basically made of energy, energy vibrating at various frequencies at a very micromolecular level. The difference in vibrations give raise to physical forms at a macrolevel, visible to the naked eye.  The thoughts we send out are also energy vibrations. The intensity of our thoughts, whether perceived as positive or  negative, cause changes to happen within the surroundings to form things in alignment with it.  That is how "Thoughts become things" on a personal immediate environmental level.
On a larger scale, the collective thought intensity and vibrations create incidences on the community level. Now if these incidences draw a neutral reaction from you, then maybe your thoughts were not involved.  If they draw a pleasant reaction, wow! Enjoy it wholly and fully! Your thoughts and good intentions are SO powerful!
If the incident in question draws a negative response, discomforting scenario for you, then it is a sign that you have been focusing intensely on the discomforting thoughts as opposed to pleasant ones. And your that intensity has contributed to this collective manifestation.
So how do we solve it now? By taking responsibility and negating the effects by these magical words of prayer coined by ancient Hawaiian people called Ho'oponopono.
Now you may say that it was a collective creation, so dont the other people have to do the same too.  Well, it is a collective creation. But you are in discomfort. This same situation is not bothering some and highly bothering some.  So you can create a peaceful state for yourself in your mind with this technique.  Withdrawing your intent or neutralizing it also has the equal effect on the intensity of your discomfort with the given situation. Now isnt that a good enough idea.
And many a times, as is found in studies, even one person doing the Ho'oponopono can create a massive change towards the better in any undesirable situation. (You can refer to the book "Zero Limits" by Dr. Joe Vitale, who was the pioneer in popularizing this technique. )
Lets look at the meaning of the word Ho'oponopono
ho'oponopono — setting to right; to make right; to correct; to restore and maintain good relationships among family, and family-and-supernatural powers. A family conference in which relationships were set right through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, and mutual restitution and forgiveness.
  • ho'o, to make, cause or bring about
  • pono, correct, right, in perfect order
  • ponopono, in order, cared for, attended to, connotes what is socially approved and desirable
The Process of Ho'oponopono:
  1. Bring to mind anyone/any situation with whom you do not feel total alignment or support, etc.  For situations you may create an image/symbol to represent it.
  2. In your mind's eye, construct a small stage below you
  3. Imagine an infinite source of love and healing flowing from a source above the top of your head (from your Higher Self), and open up the top of your head, and let the source of love and healing flow down inside your body, fill up the body, and overflow out your heart to heal up the person on the stage. Be sure it is all right for you to heal the person and that they accept the healing.
  4. Keep chanting the Ho'oponopono mantra while the healing takes place.
  5. Even if you choose not to go into your space and create this visualization, you can still keep chanting the words and still have effect.  The more you connect to the words the better the result.
  6. The words can be spoken or thought in silence.
  7. There is no rule as to how many times the words have to be chanted. The moment you connect to the words and actually release it, is the moment only you will know and that is the moment the healing has happened.
Lets take a closer look at what the four lines represent. Here I am putting in what they represent to me.  How each of us relates to these words varies from person to person and also situation to situation. As long as the words are imbibed, they heal.
Ok, I will try to briefly capture here what they mean to me today, now and here.
  • I am sorry -----I take complete responsibility for creating this.
  • Please forgive me----I ask for forgiveness from this, afterall because of a part  of me this has happened and hence I ask forgiveness for making this situation/person go through this/behave in this particular fashion.
  • I love you---Here for me, it comes from a understanding that this situation is status quo or worsening because of my not loving this situation/this world/this person and also not loving myself.  For what is within me is what is reflected with out.  Hence when I completely love and accept myself, I completely love and accept this situation.  Healing comes from the premise of love.
  • Thank you----Expressing gratitude to this situation/person. For the lesson learnt from the same.
So Happy Ho'oponopono -ing everyone.
Be happy!
Smile---it aint cost a thing...
Smile---its an instant facelift...:)
Smile---it increases your face value.
Love and Light!
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  Love and Light


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