Something I found while browsing the net.  Seems like a new healing modality.  Worth a try!

The Healing Barcode Process enables you to participate in healing, losing weight or looking younger straight away. You will get the healing you can accept. Make your intention for whichever process you seek and hold your left hand [your receiving and] over the specific barcode. Do this each day for seven days. I would appreciate you telling me how you feel.

Self Healing Barcode
Start your healing experience right here, right now. Feel the power coming from this Healing Barcode; it will go directly into your consciousness and, if you allow it, will begin the process of healing immediately. Please let me know your experience with this gift.
The healing practice that we offer is constantly being updated as more energy, more success and more wisdom becomes available. Our results tend to be both quicker and long-lasting. We apply practices that help remove the causes of the situation, we empower you to make other and better choices, we encourage you to make life-affirming choices each day. We offer you a new freedom that comes when you realize that never again will you be a victim of illness.
The only limits on the healing results are in our beliefs.

Visit http://www.swm.com.au/ for further details.

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  Love and Light


  1. younger looking skin, whoo hoooo!

    Will give it a try!

    Thanks for sharing. Rashmi.


  2. Rashmi, tried the healing and younger skin bar codes.

    Passed the blog site on my FB as well.

    Renee (Yoga Rani)

  3. Thank you, Renee. Love and Light :)


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