A different perspective of chanting

Chanting if you see it from my view (perspective) is more like an affirmation....
praising the Lord...every God in Hindu mythology stands for a strength/power
which is present within the human self....the ancient Indian sages were so clever,
that they designed the chants/mantras in a way, the sounds of which touched
the base sounds of the chakras (energy centers) in our body, as well as the wordings  praised that particular power within us...afterall Godheads are external projections of the power within us...

In short, God resides within.  Now the hurdle is that,
most people get benefited from energy clearance, but dont understand the words of  the chants...
and even if they do they attribute the power to the external projection
rather than recognizing the power within...
God/universe can help a person when the person realizes the God within them....that particular power will be enhanced...
A powerful method would be to combine chants/meditation with affirmations....
chanting/meditation will put the mind in a calmer state to imbibe the affirmations, by clearing the energy field
One can start with a simple one "This is just a phase, this too shall pass
Life is easy and free-flowing.  I am safe. ".  Repeat 7 times with the eyes closed after  the chanting/meditation.

Love and Light

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  Love and Light


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